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Male Hormones “Low-T”
  • Declining or deficient testosterone levels (especially free testosterone levels) can cause feels of fatigue, tiredness, loss of drive and competitive edge, muscle aches, depression, irritability, changes in weight, decreased recovery from exertion or exercise and sexual dysfunction including reduced libido, erectile dysfunction and infertility.

  • There are a few ways to monitor testosterone levels and here at TotalCare we utilize serum bloodwork for initial screening. Testosterone levels will naturally peak in the morning and it is best to check your levels before 11am to get the most accurate reading. We also realize that total testosterone is only part of the big picture of assessing hormone status so our complete blood panel includes other lab levels crucial to evaluating your free and total testosterone.

  • There are many ways to optimize or replace testosterone and we will work with you to customize the plan that works best for your goals, lifestyle and preference. Testosterone replacement comes in many forms including topicals (both pharmaceutical and compounded), injections and pellets, to name a few. There are also many additional options for optimizing testosterone that do not utilize replacing testosterone specifically.