Dr. Bond came highly referred for treatment of my cervical radiculopathy which is a severe condition causing severe pain & neuromuscular issues. He & his staff are the most pleasant & compassionate I have met thus far in the Lafayette area. I feel blessed to have TotalCare Health & Wellness Medical Center here especially with the specialty alternatives available. I have & will continue to highly recommend him & this Center. ” -M.R.


“Dr. Bond is one of two doctors out of the 40 or so across the country that I’ve seen (due to very complex medical history) whom I would rate as excellent. He spends ample time with patients without rushing to get to the next one, has a great staff, and is truly compassionate and empathetic. He also believes in alternative medicines and a holistic approach as well as traditional medicine. He is a GP that also deals with pain treatment, not just pain management and drugs. The prolotherapy treatment that he performs actually treats the cause of chronic pain (when appropriate) and does not just treat symptoms. I would enthusiastically recommend him to anyone.”  -J.S.


“I have not seen many doctors. I consider myself very lucky when it comes to my health. I recently experience some neck, back, & shoulder pain that had me completely limited with mobility, very painful, and helpless. I tried a chiropractor & massages. 3 weeks & several $$$ later, I was referred to Dr. Bond. He is very personable, very down to earth, and very, very smart. He related to my situation and was sympathetic to my problem. I left his office & that night felt 90% better. I still have some work, but he made sure I left his office with a permanent plan for a solution, a temporary relief of my pain, and very hopeful & optimistic. Dr. Bond is my hero!” -K.A.


“The entire staff is amazing. Without Dr. Bond & Ashley I would not be able to live a “normal” life style with all of the different medical issues I face on a daily basis. The staff is very compassionate and concerned with my health. For this I am truly greatful.” -J.L.


“Dr. Tommy Bond is simply the most thorough, concerned, caring Doctor I have every used. I came in to see him about a year ago after having a 4 knee surgeries. I have had 6 rounds of Prolotherapy on my knee and I am almost pain free. 95% better. I never in my wildest dreams thought I Would have my life back and be able to enjoying dancing, exercising and traveling again. No MORE PAIN!!!!!” -M.V.


“I came into the office with severe back pain. Dr. Bond was great at explaining what is going on and discussed what our game plan is going to be to try and resolve the issues I was having with my back. I asked a lot of questions and he took the time to explain.” -B.B.


“Dr Thomas Bond Totalcare is so kind and caring . Dr Bond takes his time with me every visit. Never in a rush always wanting to ensure My pain level is as low as possible. I could not be where I am if it was not for Dr.Bond. I came in a hover round to a walker , now a cane. He is so generous, His staff is as friendly. My life would not be the same without Dr. Bond.” -D. B.


“The whole experience was excellent. Went just as promised. Procedures were clockwork and painless. Staff was very helpful and kind in the explanation of what was to happen and the expected results. To date, the results are totally acceptable to me. I am so very glad I chose this procedure (stem cell therapy) vs. alternative.” -C. P.


“I am on my 4th IV Nutrient infusion. I have personally noticed a total improvement in my energy level, but, in the last week I have had numerous people ask me what I was doing different, they said even my voice was more up beat and back to my old fast pace self . It’s all because of these infusions , thanks to Dr. Bond and his awesome staff! I am thrilled to feel so good again.” -J. D.